Rehab Valuator Review -The Best Real Estate Tool?

Rehab Valuator is a tool designed to analyze real estate properties for flipping, renting, or wholesaling. It’s one of the most important tools in the arsenal of any real estate investor today.

House Needing Extensive Work

If you want to estimate repair costs, calculate financing expenses, or figure out profits and returns, this is the tool for you. I highly recommend this program, especially to beginners. One of the most important features of this tool I appreciate is that it figures out all the costs for the user, including the 70% rule.

This is my review of the Rehab Valuator. Here, I will show you how comprehensive yet user-friendly this tool is, and why you should definitely invest in it.

Flippers Will Find This Tool Very Helpful

Before we move forward, I want to let you know that the Rehab Valuator costs only $49 a month. If you want to test the software for free, you can try the limited Lite version here. Now, moving on with the review, I find the Rehab Valuator very easy to use. The creator of the tool, Daniil Kleyman, did a good job with the design. He clearly understands how real estate investors think, being an investor himself.

The tool can help flippers in many ways. For instance, it can help you determine financing costs and figure out repair costs. It can also help you determine closing and carrying costs. Even first-time users will be able to determine the potential profit within five minutes.

The main interface of the tool is the Excel sheet where you have to enter important flip data. This includes the terms for the loan, the repair estimates, the length of the rehab, the price for the purchases, the closing costs, and selling costs, and the ARV or after repaired value.

I find this tool to be very accurate; it provides pre-populated values and percentages for the costs of the items mentioned. It then shows you how much profit you will potentially receive, as well as how much cash you will need and what the ROI will be.

Another thing I like about Rehab Valuator is that it has valuable features designed for hard money loans. It lets you choose a loan amount based on the after repaired value. It also lets you choose points to be paid when selling a house. What I find to be a little tricky, though, is entering other types of financing into the program, although that could be done.

There’s also no way to enter a loan-value-amount on the price of the purchase. What you can do instead is modified the ARV loan percentage until you arrive at the loan amount you desire.

Wholesalers Will Enjoy Great Features with Rehab Valuator

Not only flippers will enjoy Rehab Valuator. Wholesalers will find excellent features in this software, too. For instance, there’s a straightforward program to help wholesalers determine what price they should purchase a property to sell it to a flipper.

They only need to input the ARV, the cost for the repairs, and the profit for selling the house. The wholesaler will then get a suggested price to pay for it. One issue about the tool, however, is that the price offer decreases every time you enter carrying and closing costs.

One more aspect of the tool wholesalers will surely love is that it provides professional, detailed reports that you can show their investors. All they need to do is enter the values for the costs like repair, for instance, and the software will generate the report. This is a very valuable feature in my opinion because it shows investors that you are a professional.

The more details you provide them, the more they will trust you. The more they will trust you, the more chances they will purchase the house from you.

Rehab Valuator for Rental Properties

Rehab Valuator also works for rental properties. It comes with a feature that lets you calculate rental property returns. This feature is very similar to the one used for flipping, at least when it comes to the date you need to enter. It only differs in the figures it shows on returns and cash flows. It also lets you include info on refinancing, which is a plus.

House Needing Interior Rehab

For the rental properties, you enter data on a form similar to the one used for the flip. Here, you can input terms for refinance once you’re done repairing the property. This is another feature I love because it allows you to see what the returns and costs are going to be if you used hard money to take out a new loan to pay off a conventional loan.

You can also input the repair costs, and the software will factor those into the repairs. Moreover, the software can show you exactly how much cash you will have invested in the property after you’ve made down payments and spent money on repairs and closing. The Is the best tool I have seen in my 46 years of real estate investing.

Rehab Valuator Is User-Friendly

Perhaps the main reason many users love Rehab Valuator is that it’s straightforward to use. In case there are things you might not understand, you can easily check out the video instructions that come with the software. Customer support is also not a problem when using Rehab Valuator. If you have questions about the tool or if you encounter some issues while using it, you can reach customer support effortlessly.

One thing you will love about the Rehab Valuator is that it reduces the cost of having to run up and down. With just a click of a button, you can easily find the best deal on properties. The software also allows you to narrow down your search to property type, location, description, size, zip code, and even the year the property was built. It significantly cuts down the time you usually have to spend looking for deals and lenders. This, in turn, allows you to close deals a lot quicker.

The free version works just as well as the full version. The only difference is that the full version has more additional features that make things less complicated. The free version lets you try the software and see for yourself whether it’s worth getting the premium version. I can guarantee you, though, that the premium version is worth investing in. And as you might expect, the full version can help you generate sales in your real estate business in a shorter amount of time.

Close That Real Estate Deal with Rehab Valuator!

I have yet to see a software tool designed for flippers, wholesalers, and buy and hold investors that is as good as Rehab Valuator. It’s user-friendly, it’s comprehensive, and it’s cost-effective. As I have mentioned, the lite version can work just as well as the premium version. Go to this link if you want to try it.

Now, if you want to take things to another level, I recommend you go for the premium version, which you can get here. With the premium version, you will get to enjoy more features, including but not limited to the following:

● Access to Ongoing Real Estate Education

● Comparable Sales Data!

● Track Actual vs. Budget in Real-Time

● Full Project Management Functionality

● Full Sales Presentations for Wholesalers

● Ability to Post and Sell Your Deals on Our Site

So, what are you waiting for? If I were you, I would get Rehab Valuator now and close that real estate deal in no time!

Thank you for reading my review. If you have any questions about this post or Rehab Valuator feel free to cont me and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

I Wish Your Success And Happy Investing,


Rehab Valuator






Overall Quality



  • Free Version Offered - Very Acurate
  • Post And Sell On Site
  • Professional Detailed Reports


  • Takes A Little Practice
  • Not All Options In Free Version
  • Not For Absolute Newbies

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