How To Get Paid Writing About Your Hobbies And Interests

It’s interesting to note that even though there are now hundreds of ways to earn money online, people still prefer to go with blogging. Blogging has been around since 1994, although it wasn’t until 2002 that it exploded into popularity.

Eighteen years later, people are still blogging, whether as a way to make money or simply just to have an avenue where they can share their thoughts and emotions.

Regardless of what people’s reasons or motives for blogging are, it’s undeniable that blogging is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. 

Passive Income The Key To Independence

And if there’s one reason you should start a blog this year, it’s because blogging has never been this exciting. Companies blog about their business.

Others blog about their personal lives.

You can blog about the things you love. In this post, I’m going to give you some insights on how to get paid writing about your hobbies and interests.

Why Write About Your Hobbies?

Believe it or not, but up until around ten years ago, hobby blogs outnumbered business blogs by a huge proportion. These days, however, you won’t hear so much about hobby blogging.

Sure, you will find businesses both large and small keeping a blog.

Even individuals operate large-scale, profitable blogs. As for people who simply blog for enjoyment with the potential to earn an income on the side, I don’t think there are still a lot of them.

Before we move forward, let me talk about what hobby blogging is. As the term suggests, hobby blogging is essentially blogging for personal enjoyment and not primarily as a way to promote products or services.

Social Media ConsultantIt’s not to say that hobby blogs can’t be monetized. However, the main purpose of a hobby blog is to provide an avenue for an individual to talk about the things they find interesting or important.

Topics covered by hobby blogs can be as diverse as those of blogs owned by companies or entrepreneurs. Some of these blogs cover actual hobbies, such as woodcraft or painting, while others only serve as web-based journals or diaries for the blog owners to share their thoughts and insights on certain matters.

This means your hobby blog may have a theme or not, and what you will find on a hobby blog of one blogger won’t necessarily be similar to that of another.

That said, one of the main benefits of hobby blogging is that it offers you a platform to share with the world the things that you love or find important.

If you love collecting old coins, for instance, you can blog about your hobby and share the excitement of having a new addition to your collection with hobbyists like you.

Of course, there’s also the potential of earning money, just as I have mentioned. Even if you’re just blogging for fun, the possibility of earning any amount of money is not to be scorned.

Whatever the case may be, you can’t start a hobby blog without a website. For that, I would highly recommend that you go to this page and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate to get two free websites.

Blogging For DollarsNot to mention that Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with all the knowledge and resources you need to start a hobby blog. More on that later.

How To Blog About Your Hobbies

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re interested in the idea of being able to blog about your hobbies and interests. I only have one question, though.

Do you spend time reading blogs about the things that interest you?

Do you enjoy reading about your hobby online?

The reason I’m asking this is that if your answer is no to both questions, I don’t think you’ll ever have the time to write or start a hobby blog at all. However, if your answer is yes, then you have a higher chance of succeeding with this endeavor.

Now, why is reading other hobby blogs important and what role does it play in your plan of starting your own hobby blog?

The reason is that hobby blogging involves a lot of writing. I know that sounds obvious, but if you can’t take time to read, it would be difficult for you to take time to write.

However, if you’re going to blog about something you’re really in love with, then writing won’t be a problem at all. That said, making sure you’re truly interested in a particular hobby is a prerequisite not only to starting but also to maintaining a hobby blog.

Now, when it comes to the actual writing of your posts, you need to learn how to organize your thoughts and put them into writing.

Blogging Is A Very Profiitable BusinessYou don’t need to be an excellent writer, although you will find out over time that you’re writing will improve as you continue to blog.

There are only three points you need to consider when writing a post, and those are the lead of your story, the body, and the closing.

Eventually, you hope to build up a following, and the only way to do that is to apply SEO techniques. One way is to make sure you use specific and informative titles for each of your posts

. Another way is to tag your posts with popular search terms. Adding relevant keywords will also help.

How To Make Money With Your Blog

Now, here’s an important question. How do you make money with your hobby blog?

Again, while a hobby blog is not primarily an avenue for earning money, you can use it to make some extra cash.

As your blog continues to grow and more and more people are reading your posts, you can take the opportunity to start monetizing your blog.

There are three ways you can do this.

The first way you can monetize your blog is by selling digital products. I know hobby bloggers who end up developing online courses out of their blogs.

Your Wealthy Affiliate FamilyThey didn’t originally intend to do so, but as time went by and as people began requesting for it, they decided that offering online courses was a good idea to continue adding value to the lives of the people following their blogs.

Aside from digital products, you can also sell physical products.

This is not difficult to do if your hobby involves building something. For instance, I know a guy who started blogging about his love for aquascaping, you know, arranging aquatic plants in a fish tank in a pleasing manner.

As time went by and as the number of his followers grew, he also began selling on his blog site aquatic plants and equipment used for aquascaping.

Now, you don’t always have to sell products or services to earn money through your blog. Many hobby bloggers earn money through theirs simply by promoting other people’s products and services.

This is called affiliate marketing. 

Perhaps you’re already familiar with this concept, but if you’re not, you can always check out Wealthy Affiliate here to get a good idea of how affiliate marketing works.

Additional Tips

Before I end, I’d like to give you a few more tips to help you with your hobby blog.

Create Content That Tell Stories

The best blog posts and those that truly grab the attention of the readers are those that tell stories.

I’m not saying all your blog posts should be in this format, but every now and then, wherever and whenever it is necessary, be intentional at creating a post in the form of a story.

It doesn’t have to be lengthy; it simply has to be genuine and written with the intention to add value to people’s lives.

Affiliate Marketing ProgramsMany people find it easy to connect to blog authors if they can relate with the author’s stories, so take this as an opportunity to build a relationship with your followers and this is how you create consistent passive income

Make It Easy For Readers To Scan Your Posts 

Many people who look for information online don’t read blog posts completely. What they do instead is scan through an article and look for the particular information they believe is going to solve their problem.

Make it easier for your readers to find the information they need by using shorter paragraphs, adding bulleted lists, and making use of images to demonstrate a thought or idea.

Be Consistent

Finally, see to it that you are consistent in posting content on your blog. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to post twice or thrice a week, as long as your readers know how often new posts are coming up.

As much as possible, you’d want to post at least two pieces of content per week, but even if you decide to post once a week, you’d’ want to make sure you stick to a schedule.

If you can’t afford to post more than two pieces of articles a week but you really want to do so, you can always invite other bloggers to guest post on your blog.


I hope this guide I made about how to get paid writing about your hobbies and interests have encouraged you to start your own hobby blog.

In any case, I would like to remind you to sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate here on this page. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to go if you wish to learn everything you need about starting a blog and learn how to potentially make money out of blogging.

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