How Much Do Copywriters Earn?

Have you ever thought to yourself… I would love to be a Copywriter but I really don’t think I’m a good enough writer to pull it off and be successful at it?

And… I hear all of these horror stories about starving writers working as servers or doing menial jobs just waiting for the big break. Their ship to come in so to speak.

The Senior Affiliate - How To Become A Professional CopywriterWell I have news for you, every single copywriter out there thought exactly the same think you’re think right this very minute.

Now some of those stories may be true if you are a novelist, screenwriter or

working for a newspaper just making ends meet while working sixty to eighty hours a week.

Start Living The Writers Life Today

Everything they write must have perfect grammar and punctuation or the boss threatens to replace you by ten other so called writers looking to take your so called job.

My definition of JOB is “Jackass Of The Boss” Sorry if I insulted some of you, but suck it up because you know it’s the truth.

These folks aren’t copywriters they’re slaves.

Being A freelance writer gives you total freedom to work when and when you desire

Enjoying the writer’s life, living where to want to live and working from home or wherever you please and being able to write about things to already love.

The kind of writing you will be doing as a copywriter is conversational. You write just the way you would speak to your friend across the kitchen table or while riding in the car.

These are the folks that are make $10,000 to $15,000 each and every month and it doesn’t take a fancy college degree in journalism or any degree for that matter.

Most English Majors Aren’t Good Copywriters

Copywriting is proven time and time again to be the best opportunity for writers to make a great living …

No other writing opportunity has the potential to help so many aspiring writers make a living doing what they love, while enjoying the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

The challenge, however, when navigating the path to copywriting success, is deciphering what’s real and what’s simply a myth.

20 years ago copywriting was a closed profession. You were led to believe that you had to be some sort of genius with years of experience.

That is definitely a myth…

after all, there were only a handful of Copywriters earning seven-figure incomes in the entire country at that time.

The heavy hitters like Mark Ford, Bill Boner, Bob Bly and few others like Paul Hollingshead and Don Mahoney.

What did they know that the rest of us didn’t why were they so successful and the rest of us struggling to make ends meet.

The Key Was proper training that could be completed in just a couple of months not years AND you could be earning while you were learning.

If you enjoy reading and writing, it's possible to make a very good living as a writer — even if it's just part-time.

You can write from home or the beach. I happen to be writing this from Starbucks in Brooksville Florida where I spend a few hours each week relaxing and enjoying a Venti Latte.

The biggest myths I hear used as an excuse for not getting started are…

“I’m not ready yet…”

“My copy isn’t good enough…”

“Client will know I’m not good enough.

As long as you have a foundation in persuasive writing, your copy is probably "good enough

Sure, you’ll get better and better as time goes on and you gain more experience.

But that doesn’t mean you need to wait to start getting paid to write copy.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies who would gladly pay you to write their sales letters, emails, online ads, video scripts, e-newsletters, landing pages, social media updates, website copy, white papers, case studies, online content, blog posts … the list is quite extensive.

When it comes down to it, you don’t have to be an expert to make a great living as a copywriter. You don’t have to know everything.

You just have to know more than your client knows

Sure there are specific formulas to learn and we will teach you every one of them.

These simple rules when followed will make you a GREAT Copywriter not just a Good one.

Rules like…

4 Ps of Copywriting 1. Promise 2. Picture 3. Proof 4. Push

4 Cs Content 1. Capturing 2. Claim 3. Convincing 4. Close

Plus a few other rules you’ll be using….

Most people don’t know that as a copywriter you can make more money than most of the doctors and lawyers do and you don’t have to be on call at all hours of the night and spending 20% of your income on malpractice insurance.

And. You don’t have to wait 2-5 year before you start making great money

The Senior Affiliate - How To Become A CopywriterI’m not saying it’s easy because this isn’t for everyone. It takes work and not everyone is willing to sacrifice a couple months of learning for a six figure income.

As lucrative, as it is some people just want instant gratification.


Let’s be clear about this “There Is No Free Lunch”

Myth…The Six-Figure Path Is An Easy One

This takes dedication and work…

That being said we’ve removed the stumbling block for you so you can start earning quickly.

Just like Kathy Wade for California she earned $ $123,543 her first full year as a copywriter

Brian Johnston also earning just over six figures his first year.

Remember they were both doing this full time at this point

So, yes …

It CAN happen in your first year. But for most of these writers, it comes with some related work experience like marketing or sales, a good network of contacts, a little luck — or a combination of all three.

But that’s okay!

It may take you two years … even three years … to hit the six-figure mark while you are build you name and reputation in the business.

It will all depend on where you’re starting now, being clear about your goal and how you’ll approach it, and how much time you can invest.

Lastly, I want to debunk the myth that, in my experience, is the #1 reason most aspiring writers don’t move forward toward their dreams.

They like that steady paycheck every two weeks.

The idea of their income going up and down month after month as a freelancer stresses them out.

Success Through Multiple Streams Of IncomeChris Rosado had a full-time job she actually enjoyed. But he wanted to make more money, while ultimately working fewer hours.

At first, he took on a few copy clients in her spare time, while she kept her full-time job.

Chris soon realized he could replace her entire salary working only 20 hours a week at copywriting, by adding her employer to her client roster and quitting the full-time job.

Both copywriters … totally different paths and versions of the writer’s life.

So, don’t let the fear of “going freelance” hold you back. It doesn’t have to be an “all-or-nothing” decision.

Here are a few things you can do to get started …

  • Start small, taking on a project or two on the side.
  • Approach your employer about a more flexible work schedule.
  • Ask if you can help your present employer grow their business by writing copy for their website, social media, or other marketing channels, and then use the experience and samples down the road when you’re ready to take on other clients.
  • Consider moving into a part-time position to allow for some steady income, while at the same time, freeing up time to work on building your copywriting side business.

One day down the line, you may decide you WANT to go 100% freelance.

Especially if the clients and projects are abundant, and you simply don’t have any time because of your j-o-b.

Or, you may be happy to do copywriting on the side …

Or, you may change jobs to become an in-house writer.

My point is this …

The life of a copywriter is not one single path. It’s completely flexible and can give you as much freedom and income as you want.

So, don’t let fear hold you back.

Keyword ResearchIf you want to make a living as a writer, copywriting is definitely the best opportunity available. You can live where you want, work the hours you want, make as much money as you want, and live the life you want.

Sure, it takes work …

But, so do most things in life that are worth anything!

And now that we’ve debunked these myths, I hope I’ve removed some roadblocks that were potentially in your way.

The B2B (Business to Business) side of the business is one of the most lucrative sin companies are always looked for writers that…

Write great content for their…

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Direct mail letters and self-mailers
  • Advertising — print and online
  • Online video scripts
  • Social media writers and updates
  • Blogs
  • PowerPoint sales presentations
  • Sales proposal templates
  • Model letters and emails for sales staff
  • White papers
  • Case studies

In fact, there are more than 5 million B2B companies in the United States and Canada alone. (So it’s almost impossible to run out of prospects!)


I’ve put together a proven program that will teach you how to become a great copywriter without spending a lot of time and money, and without any of the headaches and frustration you’d experience trying to figure it out on your own.

Register now and Start Living “The Writers Life”

To your success,


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  1. Wow, who would have ever thought that this kind of money could be made by copywriters without even having a college degree? This is pretty amazing and a lucrative business as you enjoy doing what you do. I believe that what you have written will cause many to consider going this way because I believe that we all want to make a good living doing the things that we enjoy most.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to leave me your feedback about How Much Do Copywriters Earn? I personally write Press Releases and $300 – $500 per release and do around 7-8 a month now most of them for the same clients. If you have ny questions feel free to contact me and i’ll get back to you promptly.

      Have a wonderful day,


  2. Hello

    Well written and very detailed article. Well done. I am one of those who have been thinking to myself that I am not a good enough writer to pull off Copywriting. After reading your article, I now know that I can do it. Interesting to know that Copywriters can make more money than doctors and lawyers.

    It is also good to know that it is not easy. I have learnt over the years that if you want anything that is all worth it, you have to work hard at it. Thank you so much. I will be registering and starting soon

    • Hi Boi,

      Thank you for reading my post about  How Much Do Copywriters Earn?and leaving us your feedback. writing is a craft that can be learned without any advanced degrees and in many cases non english majors make better copywriters. Copy that sell is conversational and very seldom grammatically correct. If you have any questions just shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

      Have a wonderful and safe day,



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