Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact is a household name in the email marketing industry.

The company has been around for over twenty years now.

Over the years, they have added a lot of new features’ that none of their competitions already offered, including social campaigns and surveys. 

This is what makes them special. The question many people ask these days is whether Constant Contact is still worth it.

That’s what this Constant Contact Review is going to answer.

The Basics of Constant Contact

Constant Contact Increases Your Sales FastConstant Contact offers both small and midsize businesses a striking user-friendly interface with a state-of-the-art design. Their service starts at $20 a month, but you can enjoy a wide range of features’ for free by subscribing to their 60-day trial.

One of the main features’ of Constant Contact is the Email plan. This plan offers basic eCommerce marketing, plus unlimited emails that often rank on top of to-do lists of many small businesses.

This email plan has a limit of 500 contacts. Businesses with a much larger contacts list might want to consider this before availing themselves of this service.

So, how does Constant Contact compare with its competitions for organizations with over 2,000 contacts in their database? One thing you need to know about Constant Contact is that it offers such a service for $5 per month.

One advantage of Constant Contact, however, is that while many marketing tools have a cap on the number of messages you can send per month, Constant Contact does not. This is what makes Constant Contact very ideal, particularly for micro businesses.

Constant Contact doesn’t only do well when it comes to email marketing. It’s also expanding its set of features’ beyond this solution.

For instance, the company has added several features’ that focus on automation, integration, personalization, and segmentation. Along with these features’ comes a library of over 160 templates, plus a branded template builder that lets users create an email that matches their company website. In addition, 

Constant Contact now has partnered with Facebook, WordPress, Shopify, and Eventbrite, among others.

In the next section, I’m going to talk about Constant Contact’s pricing and other important features’. However, if you wish to try Constant Contact now, just click this link right here.

Constant Contact Pricing & Features

Depending on the size of your email list, you can avail yourself of two kinds of plans from Constant Contact. The first one is simply referred to as Email. This is the lower-priced of the two plans and begins at $20 per month.

Constant Contact Increases Your Sales Fast. The #1 Recommended Email ProviderIt’s designed to accommodate 500 subscribers, but you can upgrade to $335 per month to reach up to 50,000 subscribers. If your list has 50,000 subscribers and more, you can avail yourself of custom plans, too.

The higher tier is referred to as Email Plus. 

This plan begins at $45 per month, again, for up to 500 subscribers.

And like the previous plan, you can upgrade to $335 per month to accommodate 50,000 subscribers.

One thing to note regarding the 30-day guarantee offered by Constant Contact is that if you’re not satisfied with the services and close your account within thirty days, you will get 100% of your money back.

Now, in terms of features’, the Email plan has almost all that small businesses require to begin an email marketing campaign.

This includes list management, audience segmentation, and template building with customization, among others.

Email Plus, on the other hand, is for larger online businesses who may need automated email series, A/B testing, online donations, online survey creation, online survey management, event marketing and registration, and many more.

Constant Contact’s free trial provides you access to all of these amazing features’ for exactly 60 days.

This includes unlimited campaigns, although you are only allowed to send emails to a maximum of 100 contacts. 

The trial period is an excellent way for you to get used to Constant Contact’s platform.

Constant Contact Increases Your Sales Fast. The #1 Recommended Email ProviderWhen you’re ready, you can simply upgrade your plan anytime. The good news is that the trial period does not roll over, which means you will still be able to have access to your data without having to sign up.

The 60-day money-back guarantee is also a generous offer, something you won’t find most of the competition provides.

Subscriber List Creation

Creating a subscribers list is easy with Constant Contact. There are several ways you can do it, from manually typing addresses into the form provided, to copy and pasting information, to uploading a file, to importing from

Gmail, and finally, to pulling from CRM tools, such as Microsoft Outlook. Each of these options is easy to do.

The uploads are fast, and you don’t need to worry about duplicate contacts, too, as Constant Contact automatically merges them for you.

Another thing about Constant Contact is that it allows disposable email addresses, which are referred to as “burner email addresses.” 

This is one advantage of Constant Contact because other tools will just filter out disposable domains. It also allows you to assign tags to each of your contacts.

This is very helpful if you need to keep track of how customers signed up or who the loyal members are. In addition, there are available options for Shopify, including lapsed customers.

If you want to create segments of users according to location or interests, you can do that with Constant Contact, too.

One downside is that editing the user records can be quite time-consuming. For instance, if you wish to add more information to some of the contacts, you will have to load each of their records to make an update.

The best workaround with this one is to have all the information beforehand, which eliminates the need to update in the first place.

In terms of creating forms that customers can utilize to sign up for newsletters or other forms of emails, 

Constant Contact lets you do that, as well. The tool also offers landing pages, as well as integration with Facebook Join My List App, Facebook Lead Ads, and OptinMonster. 

Constant Contact Increases Your Sales Fast. The #1 Recommended Email ProviderWhat you can do is segment the users according to which sign-up form they used. Finally, Constant Contact requires verification that you have consent from all the contacts on the list. Bought lists are definitely not allowed.

I believe you are getting more curious as to all that Constant Contact can offer you. If you wish to try their services, you can go to this page right now.

More from Constant Contact

Campaign Setup

Starting a campaign using Constant Contact requires a few simple steps. It’s as easy as choosing from email, email automation, survey, and event.

If you wish to copy a campaign or just revisit it, all you need to do is search by date or keywords via a search box. You can also view it via the Recents tab.

And since Constant Contact has an integrated marketing calendar, scheduling your emails based on events is not difficult to do.

If you’re going to start an email campaign, you can do so using a template.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for you to accomplish this. With the editing tool, you can customize text with access to Google fonts, plus a wide range of colors and images. 

You can even add a teaser, as well as import PDFs that can turn into interactive emails. And if you wish to use your company logo, Constant Contact lets you do that with its branded template builder.

Campaign Tracking

Constant Contact Increases Your Sales Fast. The #1 Recommended Email ProviderIn terms of campaign tracking, once you’ve sent a newsletter, tracking it is easy with the use of the Reporting tab. On the dashboard, you will also find the basics, which include opens, bounces, click-throughs, and unsubscribe requests.

You can also see here the most-engaged subject lines, as well as how many have opened on desktop versus on mobile.

Email Automation

If you wish to create an automated series, you can do so by selecting Email Automation from the options.

Select an email trigger to begin. You can do this by opening an email, clicking any link, and then clicking a specific link. Afterward, a contact will join a particular list. From here, you can create a new email.

You can also just use an existing campaign.

You can then select the length of time to wait until sending a follow-up email. You can even choose to have it sent immediately. 

If you wish to send an email series to a particular set of contacts, you can do so by segmenting your contacts into different folders, pairing them up with automated series.


We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with this Constant Contact review. I can only write so much here about this powerful online marketing tool.

Overall, Constant Contact is a great marketing tool that’s ideal for small to midsize businesses, particularly those who can’t afford to spend a lot of time doing email marketing. 

If you wish to find out more about Constant Contact or if you’re ready to start using it, proceed to this page now and start enjoying all the benefits that Constant Contact has to offer!






Overall Quality



  • Free Trial
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Easy Setup


  • Small Learning Curve
  • Editing Takes A Bit Of Time
  • Requires Facebook Verification

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  3. Very thorough review. Indeed Constant Contact one of the best in Email marketing industry and it has been around for many years. You have covered all necessary features and functions. Even your subscription pop up form is very nice which make me to consider it on my website as as well. Good job

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  4. Thank you for the review or constant contact. As I’m a small business owner I have been looking at ways of creating campaigns to customers through my social media, particularly Facebook. I also use WordPress quite a lot so this could be worth signing up to in the short term until my business outgrows the platform. I like the fact that you can track which customers have purchased your products, as this helps to keep a record of whether the campaigns are working and teaching the right types of customers.  I will certainly have a look at this, because it looks very promising. Thank you. 

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