Best Affiliate Marketing For Seniors and Retirees

What would be the best affiliate marketing for seniors and retirees? Yes, when we retire many options still exist to keep us busy. Retirement does not expect us to sit on the couch the whole day. Retirement means new opportunities, other ventures and journeys we explore. One of the opportunities includes affiliate marketing for seniors or older people in society. What do we mean by this?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Now many of us grew up in a period where we did not even know what online marketing means. We lived in a time, where the marketer visits our home and attempt to convince us face to face. This is to buy some products. In exchange, the marketer received a commission.

Affiliated marketing works on the same principle but by working online. So, if we interested in a specific niche market, for example, hair products, this offers an opportunity for us. Maybe we worked as a hairdresser during our younger days and still interested in the field.

This means the opportunity exists for us to sell hair products and receive a commission in the process. I know more and more senior or retirees belong to Facebook to catch up with their friends. In this case, we can sell a product by inserting a link or cookie on our Facebook page for example. If we have an existing website it allows us to link our pages to the affiliated programs. Each time somebody clicks on the inserted link and buy the product, we receive a commission.

This sounds like a fairy tale story, but it works. For many of us, the idea of affiliated marketing seems strange. We think of this as something only the millennial participate in. In reality, this is not the case. Let us see the affiliate marketing groups easily available to seniors or retirees.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Seniors and Retirees

Many of us traveled the world, experienced different events, sad times and good times. Senior people and retirees receive the opportunity to invest their skills by joining an affiliated marketing group. Many groups exist focused on fashion, games, travel, clothing or furniture. I developed a short list of examples easily accessible to senior people, but it does not mean we cannot join other groups. The list only presents the names of groups easier accessible and ready to join.

Here Are Just A Few Of The 1000s Of Opportunities For Seniors

Amazon remains one of the most popular and known groups to join. They work on a commission-based approach. Also, the diversity of products they offer allows us to receive a commission from any sale we make via our page. Beware Amazon just reduced their commissions dramatically.

eBay offers a wide range of products and attracts potential customers from all over the world. Similar to Amazon, it allows our seniors or retirees to find any niche type they enjoy. We receive up to 70% eBay revenue during the sale of the product via link.

Join the TripAdvisor affiliated program and receive up to 50% commission if we embed a cookie in our domain over 14 days. allows us to receive a 4% commission to insert a cookie over 7 days.

Do we want to promote teaching classes online? Well, the opportunity exists to keep on contributing. Join the Teachable affiliated program and receive a 30% payment during the sale of the product.

Join the Ultimate Bundle Facebook Group and become an affiliate. They are a unique bunch of bloggers, creators, and writers. They offer a 40% commission on the sale of their goods. While we market their product and become lucky with interested clients, we receive a portion of the sales generated. This provides an amazing opportunity to generate funds in quick turnaround time.

ShareASale gained significant popularity with its affiliated programs. They work according to earnings by click, provide an average sale and commission amount.

Happy senior businesswoman communicating with her colleagues on a meeting in the office. The view is through glass.

People like us who enjoy clicking JVZoo offers an affiliated program to earn money the easy way. The niche market relates to online courses, internet marketing, and technology products. They pay well and quickly as well. If we older it does not mean, we cannot sell technology, right?

Century Hearing Aid joined ShareSale who assists with their affiliated program. It provides a magnificent opportunity to sell and earn a commission. We earn a 9% commission to embed a cookie over 45 days.

Another ShareSale partner opportunity is Elder Depot. They assist elderly people to find specific medical or health-related products. Join their affiliated program and earn up to 6% commission to embed a cookie on our page over 45 days.

Join the VitaGoodsaffiliated program. As senior people, we also want to stay fit and contribute to the health community, right?

We can also join the ClickbankAffiliate market place to start an affiliated marketing career for seniors or retirees. They offer a step to step guide what affiliated marketing means and how to enroll in their program. Clickbank offers an earning of up to $150 per sale.

Affiliate Marketing Platform

We need a platform to market products, right? Now we ask after we joined some of these wonderful programs, how do I market the products. Many methods exist for example including a link on our Facebook page, developing our website or start our blog.

After retirement, we also look for something new to do. By allocating time to invest a new hobby for example books, it allows us to make money online as well. For example, after the set-up of a book community web page, join Amazon and insert their links on our website. There we ready to generate funds while we experience fun.

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors and Retirees. How do I start?

Now we listed only a small portion of programs open to our seniors or retirees but a magnitude of other opportunities exist. Most likely the more we search on the internet, the more we find new opportunities. For most of us who I see as beginners, may need some guidance before we start.

I suggest we focus on our interests and passions. Retirement should be about fun and new adventures. Therefore, to join a specific entrepreneurial community, for example, Wealthy Affiliates helps us. Quickly we become caught in a complex program and the process makes us tired. The suggestion, therefore, is to join Wealthy Affiliate and let them guide us.

In addition to getting the ball rolling, join various affiliated marketing networks inclusive of Wealth Affiliate, Skimlinks, AvantLink or VigLink which provides us with the opportunity to link with thousands of other marketers. The community seems massive but allows us amazing opportunities to grow our funds.

Affiliate marketing concept business background, paper pinned on cork bulletin board in office.

Finding the best affiliate marketing for beginners is not very easy. Butopportunities remain vast and open to a new journey before or after retirement. In the end, it allows us to maintain an additional income, especially during the difficult times. Join some opportunities listed and see how easy it becomes to make an additional income for ourselves.

Feel free to leave comments and as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and we will answer you as promptly as possible

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    Your website here is just simply awesome. You have a good thing going here for seniors.

    My uncle has been asking me to help him make money online since he just retired from his job and feels he needs something to keep him busy that also brings in money for him. Affiliate marketing seems like a good fit and this website is also great for him since he is a retiree, so he can resonate with most of your content. I’ll get him here to become your dedicated audience. He will love it especially the way you introduce affiliate marketing here. 

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  2. I am glad I found your site as my mom has reached that category and could benefit from good advice and additional income. I like how you broke down the opportunities into different segments and gave a place to start with Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to have her check it out. And to be honest, I could use an additional income as well, so I will be digging in too.

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