The Next Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing

The past few years have seen a rise in demand for affiliate marketing.

This is mainly due to the growth in the number of blogs and bloggers.

For a decade or so, affiliate marketing has been one of the most common strategies used to monetize blogs, and among the most successful publishers or bloggers are those who are careful about which brands they promote.

This has helped to establish authenticity and has built trust among followers.

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2020 is coming to an end, and that means it’s time for us to take a look into the future and evaluate what the next five to ten years might hold for us in this industry. What could the next breakthrough for affiliate marketing be? Let’s find out!

The Role of Influencers

As influencers continue to do what they always do best, so will affiliate marketing along with them. Influencers succeed through their authenticity. As they consistently engage with their followers, their fan bases continue to grow.

This allows them even more opportunities to encourage their network of followers to make purchases and influence their buying decisions.

The thing about influencers is that they have a way of gaining people’s trust. Their followers have an incredible amount of trust in them since they follow them regularly.

As this kind of relationship between influencer and follower continues to flourish, so will the role of affiliate marketing.

Influencers are viewed and considered by their followers as direct representatives of whatever brand they choose to promote.

Many people feel that they have a personal connection both with the influencer they are following and the brand that influencer represents.

And this is exactly what brands want. They want consumers to have a connection with them, and the only way to achieve that is through influencers.

At the beginning of the year, however, Instagram, which is the biggest home for influencers, tested out a policy that could affect influencer marketing. The social media giant decided to hide the number of “likes” a user has on their post.

Of course, users are still able to see how many liked their posts, but the rest of the world can’t, and this includes brands and companies who are always on the lookout for giant influencers they can partner with.

Money Being Make From Internet MarketingThis policy was first rolled out in Canada and eventually expanded to other territories including the United States.

This change was “influenced” by a study that showed comparing the number of likes between users was resulting in mental health problems.

This change is still in test mode, but who knows what Instagram is going to do next. What’s clear is that nothing is permanent in the world of digital marketing and all we can do is learn to adapt.

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It’s All About Voice Searches

Not only will influencers play a huge role in how the affiliate marketing industry progresses, but so will the dawn of devices like Alexa.

As the use of such technology continues to grow, the affiliate marketing industry will also need to find ways to optimize high-quality content for voice searches.

Affiliate marketing agencies have started to come up with refinements in this area, and it is expected that many more agencies will follow.

It also won’t be a surprise to see more affiliate marketers focusing on high-quality video and audio content.

Written copy has indeed been the one calling the shots for years, but video and audio content will play a huge role if affiliate marketing is going to stay relevant.

That said, the success of affiliate marketing campaigns will all depend on how creative publishers will be in terms of coming up with new ways to engage their audience.

Marketers know the ins and outs in terms of optimizing blog sites. They have been trained to make sure their pages rank high in major search engines.

Voice search optimization, on the other hand, is on a whole different level. It has to be handled a bit more different and a bit more carefully.

Voice search optimization has natural speech patterns to take into consideration. This is far different from simply typing in a keyword into a search bar.

What a user might key in using the keyboard can be quite different from what they would instead input via voice command. With voice commands, users will be more likely to ask longer questions.

Also, auto complete doesn’t work for voice commands. That means voice searches will include long-tail keywords more often. And in order to get the full benefits of voice assistants, specifically-optimized content must be created for it.

Mobile-Friendly Affiliate Marketing

We all know that nearly 50% of online transactions are done on mobile phones. As with the importance in voice searches increases, so will the need for more mobile-friendly content grow at the same time.

But not only does a huge percentage of online transactions is done via mobile devices; 70% of these lead to either an action or a purchase, and that within just an hour.

This is one area affiliate marketing will be having a breakthrough soon, if it’s not yet having one. More and more affiliate programs will have to optimize their content to accommodate mobile users.

In line with this, internet marketing content and ads will be specifically designed for use on mobile devices. In some cases, content will simply need to be optimized so that they provide an enhanced user experience on tablets and smartphones.

Right now, conversion rates are still higher for those who use laptop and desktop computers, but the ratio will most likely shift. Eventually, there will be a higher percentage of conversion for tablet and smartphone users, too.

This is where the importance of a mobile-optimized site comes in. It makes no sense to partner with a publisher who is not able to provide content that is mobile-friendly.

If prospects find it difficult to gain access to relevant content via their smartphones or tablets, they will look for other options instead.

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More Affiliate Marketing Breakthroughs!

Another area affiliate marketing is seeing a breakthrough is in the partnership between affiliate marketing and eCommerce retailers.

For years, these two have had a natural partnership. And we will expect to see more online retail businesses working with publishers in the following years.

There are still some who have not seen the importance of adopting this kind of strategy, but a lot of major retailers have already joined in.

For instance, fashion brands and beauty brands have been placing a lot of emphasis on the importance of influencer support.

Both industries account for 11% and 18% of affiliate programs, respectively. Other top niches that have also been taking part include travel, sports, and technology.

 Before this year ends, it is expected that there will be a huge increase in the number of online retailers engaging in affiliate marketing.

With the growth in importance of affiliate marketing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more affiliate marketing agencies springing up in the next year or so. And if you’re wondering if there is a need for this, the answer would be yes.

Most businesses do not have the luxury of having an in-house expert who devotes their time to affiliate marketing. Many of these businesses simply don’t have the budget to hire a full-time employee who will dedicate their time for this particular task.

In order to save on salaries and increase sales, these companies will rely on agencies to get the job done for them.

Working with an agency will allow them to focus their own resources on other important aspects of the business. But perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring an agency is that these companies have experience. T

hey know what they’re doing, and they can employ the right people who understand affiliate marketing from the inside out. Most importantly, they have the track record to show for it.


People are asking what the next breakthrough for affiliate marketing is, but the truth is they are already here. There’s this saying that Internet marketing constantly changes, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Every year, affiliate marketers and programs alike must be prepared for whatever changes might come next.

As for me, I always tell people I mentor to stay updated with the latest news and breakthroughs in the affiliate marketing industry and in the world of Internet marketing in general.

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  1. It would be great to have an influencer promote your website, wouldn’t it? 🙂 That would be just so wonderful! Although I am not always on Instagram, I hope to get to know an influencer and hopefully start a partnership. I didn’t know that Instagram started hiding the number of likes, but I can understand the reasons. Regardless of that change, we keep going and just accept the changes, right? On the internet there will be constant changes and all we can do is learn to work with them.

    I found it interesting to read about a connection between voice commands and long-tail keywords. This would practically help with keyword searches and writing articles with the right long-tail keywords. 

    • Hi Christine,

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  2. Very interesting piece of content! What you say is extremely true: market research and data show an upsurge in affiliate marketing and, of course, in affiliate marketers. And strategies to succeed in this market are always changing, according to the needs of customers: as you mentioned, voice searches are increasingly important, and mobile searches are making SEO experts ever more aware of the necessity to develop new strategies and analyze new kinds of data. 

    Affiliate marketing is the future: maybe in a few years, there will be no more retailers without an affiliate program!

    • Hi RoMa,

      Thank you so much for reading my post and taking time to leave your feedback about The Next Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing. I totally agree with you that in the very near future most if not all retailers will be offering affiliate programs. The huge benefit the the retailer is there is zero customer acquisition cost with would allow most retailers sufficient gross margin to be able to implement an affiliate program.

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  4. Very good forecasts for affiliate marketing in the near future. The foundations are already there, just a sufficient amount of online population to keep up with current trends, and the future will be here.
    I agree that a major development in scale will be achieved by mobile friendly affiliate marketing and the partnership between affiliate marketing and eCommerce retailers. All for better optimization, better target audience reach, and better results.
    Thanks for these interesting predictions in the article The Next Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing.
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    • Thank you for reading my post and leaving me your feedback about my 2021 prediction about  The Next Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing. I feel the upcoming years is going to be a banner year for affiliate marketers. Relevant web content still being king and far as being indexed in Google to increase your rankings. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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  6. I like this review, it shows that this time will not last forever. There are indeed changes coming and we really need to get used to them. I feel being on a platform like wealthy affiliate will keep me updated on anything and everything that will be going on in the affiliate marketing world. Thanks for this review

    • Thank you for taking time to read this post and leave me your feedback about The Next Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is going through a number of very positive changes. If fact it has been recognized as one of the safest and most profitable homebred businesses in today’s world. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll gate back to you pronto.

  7. Interesting thought about voice search optimization. I wonder how does this work? Indeed, video and audio are more and more important. And this can be kind of intimidating for people who are camera shy. In the past, there is only a need to write but the skillset required is now expanded. Wealthy Affiliate certainly has the means to offer training for all these aspects. 

    • Hey Richard,

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and leave us your feedback about The Next Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing. Voice search is just the use of your computers mic to ask Google to do the search. Using long tail keywords seems to generate better results. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you in 24 hour but probably much less.

  8. I was interested to read your article because I am an affiliate marketer.  I want to keep up on things that are happening in that area.  I did not know about Instagram and possibly others platforms making “likes” invisible to the public.  That is a big step because people few likes to see if something is worth watching.  The influencer concept means that establishing an expertise in a niche is important.  This is a great article for someone considering affiliate marketing because it is very positive and outlines the most important things that make affiliate marketing a great field.  Thanks for this overview.  I think  it will benefit a lot of people.

    • Hey Anastazja,

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