Selling from a Client’s Perspective – Relationship Building

Couple Looking For a New Smart Phone To BuySelling from a client’s perspective remains complex for the marketing guru. We also refer to the marketing person or the marketing dude that continues to frustrate us with their colorful selling techniques. As a marketing person myself, I sometimes struggle to understand the on top of the Everest method. Also, to find the sweet spot between customer care, client relationship building, and understanding what the client wants.

Traditional Selling Mistakes

I dedicate this article to marketers and clients who struggle to deep-heartily understand each other. I attempt to discuss the old warlike movie selling skills we bore our clients with. Also, the reason why marketers should dumb this method in the dust bin. Let us start with the traditional selling mistakes we make.

Allow me to tell a marketing story. I share an event when I visited a general store to purchase a smoothie maker. As we all know, the smoothie maker over the moon frenzy exploded. A lot of health frantic people invested their end of the monthly profits to make a magical smoothie. To make it clear, I am not a technical person at all and comprise zero ability to medically explain why all of us changed into smoothie makers.

On my way to the store, I thought of mixing all the fresh fruits and I heard from a couple of gym rat friends about the veggie goodness as well. I entered the store and walked to the appliances section. I carried a lot of positivity in me but suddenly this crazy, over-energetic enormous hair person talks like an alien and intrudes my space, struggling to grasp what the person wants to say.

Analyzing The SituationSo, I decided to take a step back and analyze my situation and allow this big hair crazy person to talk. After a while, I realized this exceptionally Venus looking person wants to sell something. I started to listen and realized this marketer as desperate as a person in the desert wants to sell a smoothie maker to me. This typically reminds of me the generations-old marketing we used to follow. Just bombard the client until they buy from you.

Customer Relationship Building

After my apocalypse experience with the salesperson, I thought about client relationship building. I am certain, storming down the alley like a rhino and sharing parrot-like data convince no person to buy. Also, informing me about eggshells in my smoothie sounded a bit scary. Before I return to the far away from Venus experience, I want to talk about client relationship building.

To develop a relationship with your client, the first not so popular approach relates to our desperateness to sell a product. Meaning, we work so hard to advertise goods; we forget about the client’s needs and wants. Do we care about the customer or focuses on our agendas?

What Is The Difference Between A Customer And A client?

As marketers or sellers, first, we should deep dive into a potential customer’s thinking. Keep in mind one person’s brain-machine looks different from another. First, adopt a gentle sea approach. Ask the potential customer about their daily lives. Especially during these Himalayan strenuous days, we need to display care and understanding to our customers.

Customer Feeling Very Comfortable With Her PurchaseSecond, after you grasp the nuts and bolts of your potential customer, ask what they need. Do not give them a post-graduate academic explanation of your product’s Einstein capabilities. Explain using normal human simple language and describe your product. Keep in mind after your initial discussion; we normally grasp the person’s personality.

If the person seems professor-like, I suggest we use our Einstein talents and speak scientifically. On the other hand, if our potential customers only want to know the basics about smoothie makers, stay away from university talk. Meaning, refrain from explaining the physics behind a smoothie maker and bore them with organic chemistry explanations.

To sell a product from a client perspective, work on your psychological talents and understand your client’s needs. Do not sell them a made on Pluto smoothie maker with internal Star Trek communication abilities. Explain the products available on the market using your magic wand skills but remain practical.

Understanding the Customer

Sometimes we deal with Einstein, Star Wars, and Avatar type clients. This makes our marketing field so amazing. This means as a majestic seller, we must concentrate on interpretations of our unique rainbow assorted clients. Some personalities differ from the other and allow us to promote our future-looking smoothie makers differently.

It is our responsibility to understand if our clients experience a blue, red, or green day. A client’s daily assorted chocolate mood plays a key role in the selling process. If your client feels blue, do not attempt an overbearing 20kg weight explanation to sell your product.

Customer placing Her Order For Takeout Rather focuses on promoting a smoothie maker by focusing on sunny day attributes and all the happiness it brings. For example, this smoothie offers an easy-to-use appliance and takes only a few minutes to generate a healthy smoothie.

Just press a button here and there. It is all you need. People always worry about time, therefore focuses on the quickness of the appliance. Within no time, the smoothie maker allows us to generate a full-vitamin diet without taking the entire morning.

If your client seems patient and sees the smoothie buying as a social opportunity, well we address it differently. Then we allocate some time to explain the over the moon product, how wonderful it is to maintain your health, and make you live forever.

The concern with selling and marketing relates to us marketers not selling from a client’s perspective. We frustrate them with our heavy boulder-like marketing talk. This chases our potential clients away from us. They run as far as the North Pole to get away from our overpowering marketing talk.


People Casually Walking And Totally Relaxed
A busy high street scene with a couple holding hands and walking past fashion shops

Selling from a client’s perspective requires a lot of Venuses-like people skills. Also, we need to display deep-sea patience, wanting to listen. As marketers, we sometimes listen to ourselves without developing a relationship with our clients. We also desperately work so hard to inform our clients about the wonderful out of space product. The customer just fades away. How many times after we Red Bull energy-wise marketers attempted to convince our customers, they just fade away. They disappear like a sunset. We achieved nothing, except talking to our crazy selves.

Thank you for reading this post, please leave comments and if you have any questions about this post feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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  1. Hello there thank you for this amazing article. Recently I organised two online baking class one was free and the other was paid and during the free class which I was posed to use to see the idea of paying for my subsequent classes I made the mistake of bombarding my clients with why they should follow though with the next paid classes coming up. After two days of the free class about twenty five people left the WhatsApp group of about two hundred participants.  I had to check what’s wrong then I made the class more of a discussion class after dropping guidelines and videos of how to make a pastry we all talked about how we love to eat the made pastry and various ways we could spice the pastry up.  After this at the end of the free class folks started asking for the paid class and helping place ads of it on there status page. It’s always best to build relationship with the client and sell from his perspective. 

    • Thank you for your great feedback on our article Selling From The Client’s Prospective. As internet marketers we strive to give our customers as much information as we possibly can at no cost. If they require additional they will tell us what they need through feedback just like you have provided. I personally make it my business to get back to every one of my readers that leave us feedback. It may take up to 48 hours occasionally but every comment will be answered.

  2. I tell some of my colleagues that the most difficult aspect is understanding your customers on clients, some clients are easy while some are too complex for marketers and managers with high level of qualifications still find it difficult. What I feel is still questionary is very good. Some person are shy to speak so writing will help

    • Thank you for your great feedback on my article. It’s people like yourself that help us better serve our customers by letting us know your thoughts whether the be positive or negative with is wonderful. If we are doing something incorrectly we can only fix the problem if we know what it is. We are constantly looking at our business from the client’s prospective. 

  3. helloo dear, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw these post, i believe these is exactly what i need to take my business to the next level, in the aspect of relationship building with clients i must say your content really has been amazing thanks alot for the info

    • Hi and thank you for your feedback, it really helps us understand what our readers and customers like and dislike. Running our business from the customer’s or client’s point of view is very important to us in providing you with the information you are looking for and enjoy reading about. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and I will personally reply to your message.

  4. i like the content of these website  because it is educational by the topic which is selling from client perspective relationship building.

    in my life i never experienced a well build relationship to that has gone as far as buying of selling through anybody.

    these website is genuine i love the fact that they are well arranged. i appreciate you for swinging these content my way kudos to you all.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback and for reading our article. Running our business from the customers prospective is extremely important to us since without our dedicated customers our business wouldn’t exist.

      If you have any questions about this post or our business model feel free to get back to us and I will personally respond to you promptly.

  5. Hello there! thanks for sharing this information with us today. Its really coming at a time when I need it the most. I’m currently promoting some new products and customer acquisition has really been getting harder than ever. I’m pretty sure b the time I apply the tips contained in this article, I will get my customers to trust my marketing content.

    • Thank you for reading my post and for your honest feedback of the article. We try to look at every aspect of our business from the customer’s prospective and consider what the customer’s wants are not just our own.

  6. Hello dear, a big thanks to you for sharing these insightful and educating article on the topic Selling from a Client’s Perspective – Relationship Building Wow never had such knowledge of Selling from a Client’s Perspective – Relationship Building mindset anyway I am so glad I am seeing and reading this article i have really learnt a lot, I definitely need Selling from a Client’s Perspective – Relationship Building mindset

    • Thank you for reading our post and for you great feedback. Your feedback tells us what your like and dislikes are so we can post articles that are of interest to you our readers. Viewing things from the customer’s perspective has always been our number one goal.

  7. Helooo over there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educatinonal piece on the topic titled “selling from a client perspective customer relationship building. This is really very educating and I think should be a must see for many traders out there. Customers relationship really matters, it ensures continuity in every business.

    • Thank you for your feedback it is very much appreciated. Selling From A Client’s Prospective is really quite simple.”Give The Customer Exactly What They Ask For”. They don’t give a damn nor should they about what your wants are. Don’t worry about commissions and take care of the customer’s need and then you will never have to worry about your commissions.

  8. I read this with all the attention it deserved because, as a marketer, it is not every day that we get the chance to discover such an insightful post.

    I just noticed a few defaults of mine, which when corrected would just contribute to making me one of the most successful in my category. Most of the time we, marketers fail to sell from a client’s perspective which is why we don’t build enough relationships with them. The key lesson I take out of this reading is to listen first to better fulfill the need.

    I wonder though, have you been specifically trained for that? or are you a marketer trainer?

    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback. In answer to your question, No I am not a trainer but at 82 years old I have much life experience and working with people in business. Over the years I witness people just trying to sell their products or services without a care about what the customers actual needs are and then then wonder why their business doesn’t succeed. My belief is and has always been “Give The Customer Exactly What They Ask For”. They don’t give a damn nor should they about what your wants are. Don’t worry about commissions and take care of the customer’s need and then you will never have to worry about your commissions.


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