How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

If you’re reading this right now, then you’re one of the millions of people worldwide interested in making money online. Perhaps it’s to supplement your regular income. It’s probably even to establish an online business that will replace your day job. Whatever the reasons, you are in the right place. In this post, I’m going to teach you how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing ProgramsThere are hundreds of ways you can make money online, but one of the best and probably the easiest way is affiliate marketing. Regardless of what your status in life is, whether you have an office job or are managing your own company, affiliate marketing is one of the most convenient ways to have another stream of income.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start doing it even if you currently don’t have a blog or website. And you can do it even if you don’t own any products at all. With a few simple steps, you can get your business up and running within hours and earn your commissions in no time. So, how do you do it? Allow me to show you.

Get Proper Training

Most of the articles I’ve seen online on how to start an affiliate marketing business skip this very important step. The truth is that you can always get into affiliate marketing right away without getting trained. But many of the people I know who started a business without going through the necessary preparations ended up failing.

Think about it as a paint job. Anyone can paint their home without the help of a professional house painter, but the work of a professional is always better than that of an amateur. An amateur would just proceed to paint the walls without cleaning them first or applying some primer. They would probably miss out on some important tools, too. They will end up with painted walls, but the results won’t be as excellent if a professional did the job.

Passive Income with affiliate marketingIt’s the same with affiliate marketing or with any other business venture. Before diving into it, you need to be properly equipped. That’s the reason I always tell people I know who want to do affiliate marketing to get trained with Wealthy Affiliate first.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform designed for existing affiliate marketers and for those who wish to be one. Becoming a member will give you access to a FREE profit-ready websites, a series of training to equip you in your affiliate marketing journey, and a community of like-minded people who will help make sure you gain online success. Click this link to join Wealthy Affiliate now.

Decide on a Platform and Niche

One of the first things Wealthy Affiliate is going to teach you is,how to pick a platform and a niche. Theoretically, it’s possible to do affiliate marketing on any type of platform. You can even do it via Instagram. However, affiliate marketing is so much easier to do via a blog or a YouTube channel.

Most successful affiliate marketers I know started out as bloggers. Nowadays, it’s relatively cheap and easy to start a blog. Aside from the fact that there are many website builders to choose from, there are also plenty of tutorials on the Web that can teach you how to get started with blogging. The best part is that it’s not going to cost you much per month.

If you’re worried about spending money on a website, remember that you can get not just one but two websites for free if you join Wealthy Affiliate, as I’ve mentioned earlier. Once you have built your website and once it’s already up, you can then start optimizing it for search engines for a better chance of ranking. That’s the only time you can start adding affiliate links.

YouTube is another excellent platform you can use. Creating an account and uploading content are both free. You can then optimize your videos for SEO and add your affiliate links in the description of your posts.

Your Wealthy Affiliate FamilyYou also need to decide on your niche. I want to be honest with you, so I’m going to tell you that if you’re going to start blogging today, you’re going to face a lot of competition. In the U.S. alone, the number of bloggers is over 30 million! If you’re going to stand a chance, you need to pick the right niche to focus on.

Don’t just go for any niche, though. For instance, the niche “clothing and apparel” is quite an enormous category. Go for something more specific, like “men’s sports shoes” or “women’s summer wear,” for instance. Narrowing your topic down will help you build an audience that’s more focused, as well as help your website rank higher in search engines. This is especially true if you’re just starting an affiliate marketing business.

Find Affiliate Programs

There are three types of affiliate programs that you can join. The first one are high-paying yet low-volume programs. These are designed for products that have high payouts. For instance, there are affiliate programs that pay around $500 a month if you can refer at least 60 customers to them. These industries, however, have a limited pool of potential customers. They also tend to have higher competition.

The second type is programs for products with mass appeal and yet low payouts. Video game consoles, for instance, are very popular, but one game can cost around $50. Affiliate commissions for these types of products, though, are only around $2. To make the most out of these types of products, you will need to attract a lot of traffic to your platform.

And finally, there are those programs that are both high-volume and high-paying. They have a high appeal to the masses and they also have higher payouts. Credit cards are an excellent example. Most people want to own a credit card. Unfortunately, they also have high competition.

So, how do you pick which type of program to join? The answer will depend on your level of expertise. It will also depend on your niche, obviously. To learn more about choosing the right affiliate programs, visit Wealthy Affiliate here to create your free account.

Create Great Content and Drive Traffic To Your Site

There is no other way for your affiliate marketing business to succeed than by creating high-quality content. It doesn’t matter if it’s in text, video, or audio form, you need to make sure it’s going to bring value to your followers. People don’t usually read blogs with online shopping in their minds.

But if you can provide them with great content and at the same time convince them that the product you’re promoting is going to add value to their life, then they won’t think twice in clicking that affiliate link and sending commissions your way.

A great way to convince your followers and potential customers into buying a certain product you’re promoting is to buy the product yourself. Consider this step as you start your own affiliate marketing business. You’re not obligated to spend money on every product you promote. That’s not the way it goes. However, your followers will believe you more and trust what you’re saying about a particular product if you yourself have already tried it. Read Our Review Here

Having intimate knowledge of a product you’re promoting can mean the difference between closing a sale and not making one. You’ll also have an easier time writing a review about a product if you have actually tried it yourself. You can start with cheaper products, and as you begin to establish a steady flow of commissions, you can move on to buying, using, and promoting higher-end products.

Your audience will appreciate it if you can provide them with a detailed review of a product that you’ve tried. There’s a higher chance of your followers ending up buying a product through your site if you share with them the results of your personal experience with that product. In many cases, the merchant you’re partnering with will be more than willing to provide you with a free sample of the product even if you’re just starting.


Whether you have an existing business or are starting a new one from scratch, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can build a steady source of income online. You don’t have to be an expert to start since you can always get training from Wealthy Affiliate on how to start an affiliate marketing business.

You also don’t have to own a product or service, since all you have to do is to partner with a merchant or merchants, promote their products to an audience, and receive commissions for every successful transaction.

Again, the most important step you need to take before you start is to get equipped. And if there’s one place to get the best training on doing affiliate marketing, it’s Wealthy Affiliate. Go to this link right now and create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate account and start your journey toward online business success!

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions about this post or the Affiliate Marketing Business feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get back to you with an answer in as quickly as possible.

The Best Of Success To you,


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