How to Find Keywords for A Website The Proper Way

Looking for high quality keywords for your marketing campaigns. Simple perform a search below to START your research. But do you know how to find keywords for a website the proper way.

How to Do Keyword Research for Content Marketing

In the past, we used vastly different methods to sell goods. Can we remember the time when the salesperson visits our front door with a suitcase? Jewelry, pots, pans, books, anything we can think of. Things changed when online marketing started to grow and we became used to finding products online. But, our search engines seemed different from.

In reality, the use of keywords also changed into this vast complicated space. I continuously feel overwhelmed by this keyword universe. The search engines work differently and therefore keyword research changed. So, search engines do not use individual keywords or phrases anymore. It uses semantic search.

Semantic sounds mathematical to me and already I feel lost. But let us see what it means. In plain language search engines search for meaning rather than a specific keyword. Why do our search engines operate like this? Our clients tend to use longer keywords or short sentences to find something. For example, we search for the top holiday venues in the US or where can I find a fresh stop? This means the search engine needs to interpret what we mean.

A Few Known Keyword Tools

I found it exceptionally stressful to find the correct keywords in my early times. But keyword tools help me to save my valuable time and energy to find potential keywords for my sites. There are a number of popular keyword tools available in the digital marketing world like Keyword planner, Jaaxy Enterprise, Ahrefs, Semrush, KW Finder, Keyword revealer, ubersuggest, keyword, LSI graph, Long tail pro etc. Besides using any of these I also do the followings:

  • Used Google webmaster to see what words people normally type to find us
  • Looked at other blogs, websites and pages to see what keywords searchers used to find certain products
  • Importantly attempted to undertake spy work and see how our competitors approach Google keyword search

Now we grasped an understanding of our audience, the typical keywords and phrases they use etc. So, after we completed our keyword search list, what do we use the information for

Keyword Research Analysis

There are many reasons why we use keyword research as a content marketer. We do not spend hours on something we do not need. So, our keyword research analysis relates to the following:

We attempt to find a global understanding of types of products and services. Also, the popularity thereof. Affiliate Marketers rely on keyword research tools on a daily basis in their businesses.

Content marketers use Google keyword research to see public demand for certain products. For example, we attempt to find the trend of what people order during this time. For example, do customers order medicines, clothes, and food or gym equipment mostly?

Keyword Ranking

Content marketers use keyword research to understand the platforms of communication and interaction. We want to determine our customers’ aims and objectives. What do I mean by these formal words? Plainly, as content marketers, we want to know what our clients intend to do.

Since we collected all the data, developed a list and gain a bit of understanding why we do it. The next step we need to analyze these keywords. Luckily, a diverse set of Google keyword research analysis tools exist. It really helps us to develop some logic in a world of keyword madness. These keyword analysis tools use the search term and identify possible keyword suggestions. It helps us to develop an understanding of how the search engine brain works.

Some popular keyword research analysis tools include Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keyword Surferand many more. Diverse keyword analysis tools provide us with the opportunity to find specific words our customers look for.

Google Adwords Keyword Research

When I started working in the online environment, I kept on hearing about Google AdWords. In my mind, I thought this is just another complex method to make our lives difficult. So, I decided maybe I need to read about it. My attitude towards keyword research totally changed. So in a normal language, Google AdWords Keyword Tool offers a free Google keyword research tool. Now, what makes it so special? This research tool they developed specifically for our marketers or advertisers.

It allows content marketers to find keyword ideas, see who our competitors are, gain an insight into regular searches, match keywords etc. So, this opens up the world for us.

Where Can I Get The Best Training

Content is King

I know all these words and meanings become overwhelming but it helps to link with other online communities to assist. Wealthy Affiliate, for example, provides an excellent method to tap into the online marketing environment. It provides diverse methods to teach us about Google Keyword Research, how to link the concept to our SEO, PPC and others.


So, in reality, we strive to become great content marketers. The only way to reach our goals is to follow a well-structured strategy. This strategy includes the understanding and interpretation of Google Keyword Research. It allows us to understand and define the content marketing environment we operate within. We should enjoy our research, make a list of keywords and place meaning to our marketing world.

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  1. I used to think I could just use my common sense  and choose my titles and my domain names, that sounded right to me, and i would become a successful business person. I am learning about Jaaxy and this article adds to my learning. I am now understanding this tool to be a scientific approach to finding out what is the best name and what are the best phrases and words to use in my content. Results come from research. thank you for adding some tips that I am going to use.

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  2. Hello Richard Reichmann,

    Your article on How to Find Keywords for A Website The Proper Way is what everyone is looking for and seeking after. The collection of keywords is a very serious task every content writer should take seriously.

    If there’s anything any content marketers or advertisers need is finding the right keywords to meet the needs of customers out there. 

    Your article has been helpful having highlighted some of the keywords finding tools like Keyword planner, Jaaxy Enterprise, Ahrefs, Semrush, KW Finder, Keyword revealer, ubersuggest, keyword, LSI graph, Long tail pro and many more. 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write about this great need of all online marketers and the tools you listed.  

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for your kind feedback on our article. As an online business owner as well as brick and mortar having proper keywords in our articles make the difference between a decent campaign and a great campaign. unfortunately many business owners aren’t even aware that keywords are of utmost importance for content writing as well as in their web pages. Every business owner should be taking advantage of the FREE Jaxxy trial by clicking this link

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  5. Hello dear, thanks a lot for sharing such amazing content with us on the topic How to Do Keyword Research for Content Marketing I was actually introduce to this website by a friend at first I was not so sure of it sincerity but to my surprise it really hold quality information I must commend your efforts in putting up such helpful information I already save this post so as to come back for future reference thanks 

    • Thank you for your honest feedback it’s very important to us that we are providing content that you will enjoy reading and that the information will benefit you. Keyword Research is actually the backbone of all content writing is you want it to be ranked properly. The keywords we research are the exact words that thousands of other people are used when doing a Google search.


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