How To Become A Freelance Writer

I always wondered how my friends Mark and Kelly lived such a great life and they never seemed to work. At least I have never seen the go to a job….

They always seem to be home or vacationing somewhere or going on another cruise for a week or so.

Mark and Kelly live right next door to me so I see them just about every day. After observing what appears to be a lifelong life of leisure I asked Mark what he does for a living.

Here Are Their Stories And How You Can Join Them

When he told be he was a Blogger and Copywriter I said OK but what’s your real job? How do you earn a living that gives you the lifestyle you have.

You never seem to work but you always have new cars and it seems like you are taking another vacation every few months. So I am ask him again… What do you do that pays the bills?

Building An Online BusinessWhen he told me that he has a few websites where he blogs about things like Coffee, Vacuum Cleaners and earns in excess of $1,000 a day I almost didn’t believe him.

But knowing the Mark and Kelly are honest people, I asked them if this was something that anyone could learn how to do, and if it could be done in their spare time.

The both sort of giggled at me and said we have been blogging for just over five tears and we’re still only doing it part-time. And it’s something anyone can replicate.

Note: Follow along and build your own part-time or full-time writing business and make an extra $500, $1,200 or $3,600 or more every month.

People just like you are quietly living profitable “double lives” make thousands of dollars a month and in most instances even their closest friends have no idea what they are doing.

In this short report, I’ll reveal just how easy it is for you to have this “double life” and start earning anywhere from $300 – $3,000 -per month and more writing about things you love.

You too can be padding your bank account every month and not even you family and friends will suspect a things until of course they see your new lifestyle, if you care to reveal it to them at all.

Patricia R, writes about Orchids and pays for both her children’s college expenses.

She thinks that’s absolutely fantastic and I’d bet you do too.

Plus she pays for her son Randy’s living expenses while he is in law school in Florida.

Awesome Isn’t It

Thomas M. Is Earning Over $200 Per Day Writing About Vacuum Cleaners. He told us he worked at bowling centers for over 8 years working with people he didn’t even like. Now he works when and where he wants to and only he controls his income.

Tom told us it’s like having a Portable Income Generator that he turns on and starts writing when he wants another paycheck.

Tom mentioned to us that all he need is his laptop and an internet connection so he is thinking of moving to Vermont because he loves the mountains. Way-To-Go.

A Money-Making Website Your Key To Passive Income

Your new Money-Making website should focus on something that you would really love to write about.

People will then read your content and make purchased based on your recommendations and you receive a commission. So, every time you write another article you are adding to your income.

Building An Online BusinessAnd, that’s exactly how — and why — Money-Making Websites are the best way to turn spare time writing into a highly-profitable passive income stream.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. How can I learn all that and build a website? We’ve got you covered because we are going to train you every step of the way teaching you the E-Commerce business

How would you like to be writing in a place like Hawaii or the Bahamas?

Remember that once your business is up and running, you can live on the beach or a mountain top like Tom who’s planning to move to Vermont.

As long as you have your trusty computer and an internet connection you’re in business and ready to earn as much money you like, “Just Start Writing”

Why A Money-Making Website Is A Key To Passive Income

All the writer I have mentioned so far write and share their information with their readers answering questions for them about products or services they are thinking of buying.

  • Here are just a few of the perks of an income-generating website.
  • Perfect for beginner or advanced writers
  • It’s completely portable
  • It’s VERY part-time
  • You write about what YOU love
  • Money-Making Websites are very low tech
  • No Inventory, No products to ship, Almost No Overhead
  • Totally Passive Income

Money-Making Websites Beat Uber, Airbnb, eBay or Etsy

Another huge advantage of a money-making website is, one it’s starts generating income people wants to buy your website.

Nick O. who writes about coffee was offered $125,000 for his website. One website owner that was generating $31,365.68 a month was offered exactly $1,003,702 for his website.

Wow! Now that kind of payout could really change your life wouldn’t it. It certainly would change this lives of most people.

What would you do with that much money? You could help a lot of needy people as well and have plenty left for yourself.

Build Your Own Passive In Just Three To Five Hours Each week

Keep in mind that this doesn’t happen overnight. Remember you are building a real bona fide business and it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

So, if you think you can just throw up a website and the money starts flowing then close this page now. I

If you are willing to put in the time and effort the rewards are far more than you could ever imagine.

Imagine waking up in the morning and checking your website and find you made four or five sales during the night and you made $653 just like Brian R. from Gainesville Florida did blogging about Pigeons.

You can write about anything.

Here are a few topics:

  • Dog treats
  • Sushi
  • Self-esteem building
  • computers
  • Fitness
  • Tea
  • Writing
  • Life as a Baby Boomer
  • Cat health
  • Computers
  • Crochet
  • Gourmet cheese
  • Family fitness
  • Publishing on YouTube
  • Electronics
  • And many more… the list is just endless

Choosing the right platform and domain name for your business

After 16 years on the internet and working many platforms we have found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best platform hands down.

Click Here To Join Right Now – No Credit Card Needed

I promise you will be absolutely thrilled with everything they offer you include a FREE website that they teach you to build step by step.

Passive income is only generated when customers find your website. We teach you all the traffic generating secrets that get buyers to your website.

We’ll also show you how to get Google to index your content within 24 to 48 hours instead of weeks And…tell you how many pages you should write before your new money-making website goes live.

Next, it’s time to start making money!

And that’s not all…

You’ll learn how to back-up your content and organize your website properly as well as choosing the proper niche for you to write about.


This is truly a Business-In-A-Box You are guide you through:

  • Choosing your topic
  • Setting up your new website
  • How to properly write content and create a long-term profitable plan

Living the Writers Life isn’t a dream any longer, and we’re excited to help you get started building a business with No Bosses, No Required Hours and have Unlimited Upside earning potential.

With and extra $10,000 or even $30,000 a month you could retire early… or just being able to never worry about finances again.

Think of your new Money-Making Website as your 401-K that you can add to at anytime without limits. At first your returns will be slow but it compounds on itself every single month.

Remember you are investing time here not money. The money will come if you do your part with our help

The sooner you get started the sooner you can start telling other how you started you own Money-Making Website.

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P.S. Register today and let us show you exactly how to start making a passive income (as much as $10,000+ per month!) with Money-Making Websites.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE being a blogger. I’ve been interested in becoming a freelance writer for quite some time. However, all of the previous opportunities I attempted turned out to be bogus scams. Just as I was about to give up, I discovered Wealthy Affiliates and was instantly hooked. Their program is COMPLETELY different from any others I have attempted. Kyle and Carson obviously care about each person that joins. I love how they take time out of their busy schedules to personally reach out to you for no other reason than to simply check in to see how you’re doing. Although I have not received any income yet, my website is well on its way to start generating income. I am fully invested and hope in just a few short years, I’ll be living the same type of lifestyle as those you mentioned in this article. 

    • Thank you so much for taking time to read my post and leave me your valuable feedback about  How To Become A Freelance Writer. You are 100% correct on everything you say about Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle and Carson the founders and owners. There is really nothing else out there that even comes close to what they offer at such a fair price.

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  2. Just the article I have been looking for, lately I’ve been wondering how to become a Freelance writer but there’s a few things that hold me back. One I’m not sure if I can write. Two I have no clue what to write because I have a pretty boring life. I don’t do much because I am a stay at home mom. And I guess my last concern would be who would want to listen to read my writing.

    Do I need any kind of experience or certification to start freelance writing? Do I need experience to write about a topic?  Does a Freelance writer, write about many topics or no? 

    It’s pretty cool to learn that people are making a decent living by just writing articles. I wish I could have learned about this type of opportunity a long time ago. Either way thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

    • Hi Lakisha,

      Thank you for taking time from you day to read my post and leave me your feedback about  How To Become A Freelance Writer. Freelance writer are in huge demand especially for B2B and they are looking for people to write on thousands of different topics. If you have ant additional questions pleases feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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