Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

Fiverr Affiliate ProgramThe online world offers unlimited opportunities for earning money if you only know where to look. One of these is Fiverr, described as an online marketplace for freelance digital services.

In this post, I’m going to do a Fiverr Affiliate Program Review.

Yes, you read that right. Fiverr has an affiliate program in addition to it being a platform where you can sell your services as a freelancer.

That means whether you’re a freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphics designer, or web developer, there are more than a couple of ways you can earn money via this popular online platform.

But before that, let’s take a look at first what Fiverr is all about.

Making Money with Fiverr

Fiverr, first and foremost, is an online platform that lets you earn money as a freelancer. The services offered here fall into several categories including graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, business, programming, and more.

Fiverr Affiliate PlatformUnder these major categories are hundreds of subcategories, such as data entry, market research, character animation, audiobook production, and even technical writing. I have personally used this platform more than a couple of times in the past when I needed someone who could do some case studies for me.

Basically, these are the two primary ways you can make money via Fiverr. You can sell your services as a freelancer, or you can hire freelancers who help take your business to another level.

This time, let’s take a look at two other main features of Fiverr.

Fiverr Pro

Speaking of taking your business up a notch, Fiverr has a feature called Fiverr Pro. This is a program where freelancers can prove that they’ve got what it takes to offer high-quality professional service. They will go through an application process where they will need to submit supporting documents and materials as proof of their identity, as well as their skills and abilities.

If you’re a freelancer, this is your chance to earn more by showing that you’re head and shoulders above the rest. And this is not an exaggeration considering that only 1% of applicants earn the Pro status, at least according to Fiverr.

Fiverr Learn

Analyzing The SituationAside from simply being a market for freelancers, Fiverr is also a learning platform. By this, I’m talking about Fiverr Learn, an educational platform within Fiverr that provides online courses just about anything under the following categories:

  • ● Digital Marketing
  • ● Design & Branding
  • ● Adobe CC
  • ● Storytelling & Voice Over
  • ● Web & SEO
  • ● Programs

Courses range from as low as $20 to as high as $150 depending on the topic being covered and who’s teaching, which by the way, may be one among many industry leaders partnering with Fiverr.

And what do you get by availing yourself of these training courses, you ask? Well, for every course you complete, you gain a badge that increases your freelancer status and wins you more clients.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

If you want to boost your earnings with Fiverr, the best way to do it is to sign up for the Fiverr Affiliate Program. This was launched by Fiverr just several months ago, providing users with the opportunity to become a partner and earn money by promoting the different services offered by Fiverr.

Passive Income with affiliate marketingThere are different plans users can choose from, each one with its own commission rate. Every time a user refers someone to any of these services, that new buyer will be assigned to the user’s account. Their commission will then be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

So, what do you exactly promote as a Fiverr Affiliate partner? Right now, there are four Fiverr services you can earn money from via promotion:

● Fiverr

● Fiverr Pro

● Fiverr Learn

● And Co.

For Fiverr services, you get between $15 and $150 worth of commissions depending on the category buyers purchase from. Once your referral makes a purchase on Fiverr for the first time, you will be qualified for CPA commission. Again, your commission will depend on the service the buyer purchases.

For services under Gaming Development, Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, and eCommerce, for instance, you will get paid $50. Meanwhile, you will get paid $40 for services like WordPress, 3D Models & Product Design, and Presentation Design.

The commission is fixed for Fiverr Pro services, where you can get $150 on all services. And for Fiverr Learn and Co., you get 30% of every service the buyer purchases.

The Good

One thing I can say that is very good about the Fiverr Affiliate program is that it’s not really that difficult to promote Fiverr considering its excellent reputation. I also love the fact that they provide video tutorials and an FAQ page to guide their partners on how to get started.

U S Dollars Made In The CBD IndustryAnd aside from the handsome commission, there are other great things about the Fiverr Affiliate program. For instance, they provide a 30-day cookie to their partners, which means partners have a longer referral period to receive credit for sales.

In addition, Fiverr provides hundreds and even thousands of marketing materials, so that partners can get as creative as they want in promoting Fiverr services. Fiverr also has an affiliate marketing team that works full time in helping partners with any concerns they may have. This, I believe, is one of the most crucial aspects of the Fiverr affiliate program and is one reason why the program is very attractive.

The Catch

This time, let’s talk about some downsides of the Fiverr Affiliate program. As much as I love Fiverr and all that it has to offer, I am not a fan of the fact that the commissions you can get from their affiliate program are only applicable to first-time buyers. This is stated in their first-time buyer clause, which to me can be a little discouraging.

This means regardless of how many times one of your referrals avail themselves of Fiverr’s services, you only get paid for the first time that they made a purchase.

Capped Commission Angry AffiliateAnother drawback is that commissions for Fiverr Pro are capped. As mentioned, you only get a commission of $150 per sale of any Fiverr Pro service. That’s too bad considering that Fiverr Pro services can cost as much as $8,000 or more.


There are not too many affiliate programs out there that you can conclude as something worth your while, but I can confidently say that Fiverr is all worth it. It’s undoubtedly one of the top online platforms for freelancers today, and with its reputation, it’s not really something you will find hard to promote and sell, that is, if you want to be a part of its affiliate program.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Fiverr affiliate program but aren’t to sure where and how to start, allow me to talk about something you might find useful in getting the job done.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

In its core, Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches anyone who wishes to establish an online business the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

If you sign up now (which is free, by the way), you will receive training on the basics of affiliate marketing, plus 2 free websites. Of course, WA will also teach you how to customize those free websites so you can start using them to earn money right away.

Fiverr and its services would easily fit in a variety of niches, but even if you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to worry because WA will help you think of ideas as to which niche you should focus on.

I want to discuss this more in detail, so if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and its services, don’t hesitate to drop me a message. I promise to answer all your inquiries and guide you through the entire process if necessary.






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