Bluehost vs Wealthy Affiliate Review

Find out what the buzz is all about with Bluehost with this Bluehost Affiliate review, and discover what I most people think is a better alternative to it. I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised at how much more profitable our alternative is for you and the best training in the industry.

I’ve heard fellow marketers talk a lot about Bluehost recently, and from what I’ve heard, it’s one of the best affiliate programs today. Bluehost is known to be one of the 20 largest web hosting companies, hosting over 2 million domains. I also know that it offers an affiliate program, but it’s not until recently that I’ve kept hearing about how good the program is. For that reason, I did my own research to find out what all the buzz is about.

Bluehost has been around for more than a decade now, and indeed, it’s a very reputable company that offers a number of digital marketing services on top of web hosting. And when it comes to web hosting, it’s true what they say that it provides the best hosting out there. For instance, Bluehost offers free domain name registration and free SSL support. They also provide 24/7 support, so you can have assistance at all times.

Bluehost Products

Bluehost provides website hosting services with excellent speed and service. They are among the best, if not the best, in the market, which is why they are listed as one of the officially-recommended providers by WordPress. They also offer multiple bonuses and resources, including tools, to WordPress users. In addition, they provide various hosting options, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and shared servers, each with its own rate and add-ons. Depending on which service you avail yourself of, you can get the following services:

● Max number of websites

● Storage space for files and images

● Number of email accounts you have

● Email storage

● Domain privacy

● Spam experts

● Shared and dedicated servers

Affiliate Marketing Programs
Notebook with Toolls and Notes about Affiliate Program

I learned that they used to offer their entry-level package for the price of $2.95, but I checked and found out it has increased to $3.95. It also says the price for the basic package is normally at $7.99, which means the promotional price is for the first month only.

But then I checked again, and I guess the $2.95 is an exclusive offer for fans of hosting manual, with the offer including a free domain and site builder, 1-click WordPress Installs, 24/7 support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What I think I would like with Bluehost is that all the packages come with a 24/7 customer service that lets you ask questions or assistance for your website anytime. It doesn’t matter, too, whether it’s a simple inquiry about their service or a question about a website setup. They will entertain you regardless of the weight of your inquiry as long as it’s Bluehost-related.

Bluehost also provides a premier service wherein you can have a professional designer build and customize your website for you. This is a time-saver and would really be of a huge advantage if you’re just starting with your website. You only have to request a quotation to find out how much this would cost for your particular needs.

Bluehost Affiliates Program

While Bluehost is indeed among the top web hosting companies in the world, I believe the main reason it’s making a buzz lately is not because of its web hosting services. I believe it’s because of its affiliate program. And it seems to me that every new blogger and affiliate marketer today recommends Bluehost, and for good reason.

Analyzing The SituationFirst things first. What products do you have to promote for Bluehost? Actually, you simply need to promote Bluehost itself as a web hosting company. On their website, it says you can receive commissions simply by promoting Bluehost and their services on your website using links and custom banners. Whenever someone clicks any of the links and ends up signing up, they will give you $65 as commission. Not bad if you ask me.

But then you can raise your commission even higher, as high as $130 if you manage to make a significant number of sales in one day. I’ve read somewhere that you can ask Bluehost for an increase in commission, but then even if your commission stays at $65 per sign up, that’s already huge.

Making More Money With Bluehost

Now, here’s a question you’re probably asking yourself: It is possible for me to make a thousand dollars as a Bluehost affiliate? I haven’t tried Bluehost myself, but if we do the math, I would say it’s possible but it’s not that easy.

At first glance, one would think that being a Bluehost affiliate will make you earn more commission than if you were an affiliate of lower commission programs. With such programs, you will need to have traffic of 5,000 visitors a month to reach your goal of $1,000 a month. With Bluehost, you will only need to make 16 successful sales to generate that amount, since one sign up is already $65.

But here’s where the challenge lies. Because of the huge commission Bluehost gives, a lot of people are attracted to it, which means there will be other Bluehost affiliates like you who desire to drive traffic to their site and increase the chances of people clicking on the Bluehost links and ending up registering.

Imagine how tough the competition is for Bluehost. It’s even tougher than that of Amazon Associates. With Amazon, the competition is scattered because there are literally hundreds of thousands of products. With Bluehost affiliate, there is only one product. You guessed it right—Bluehost.

A Better Alternative Is Wealthy Affiliate

Should you try Bluehost and become a Bluehost affiliate at all? That is all up to you. But as I’ve mentioned, making commissions as a Bluehost affiliate is not simple. If you really want to make money through this program, then you will have to put more effort into promoting it. Overall, I would say Bluehost is worth a try, not only for its affiliate program but most importantly for its web hosting services.

Affiliate Marketing has great potential

But then I will have to tell you that there is a better alternative to Bluehost. It’s called Wealthy Affiliates. Just like Bluehost, Wealthy Affiliate has made a name for itself over the years, so if you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve probably heard about WA.

If I’m going to choose Wealthy Affiliate over Bluehost, it’s not because it offers a better web hosting service. Of course, it does provide one of the best web hosting services, too, but there are other more important reasons that I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative to Bluehost.

Since we’re talking about the affiliate program offered by Bluehost, let me start by sharing with you WA affiliate program, too. With WA, you can earn $4 for every referral who upgrades to premium after they have signed up via the $19 promo package. I know that’s far less than what Bluehost offers at $65, but hear me out.

The Gold Rush KeywordsEach time your referrals renew with $49, you get a $12 commission. If you can get to recruit just 50 new members, and if all of them constantly renew, you will receive $600 worth of commissions monthly.

Now, if you’re a premium member, your commission is doubled, so that you receive $8 for every referral who upgrades to premium. You also receive $23.5 each time your referrals renew their subscription. That’s already $1200 of passive income per month!


More Reasons to Choose Wealthy Affiliate. I haven’t even discussed yet some other reasons I recommend WA over Bluehost Affiliate. But just to give you an idea, Wealthy Affiliate is not simply about making money by referring people to their program.

They are also about providing the best tools necessary for affiliate marketers like you and me to succeed in the world of internet marketing. If you’re wondering what those tools are and what other benefits you can get by opting for Wealth Affiliate, leave me a message and I will be glad to discuss it with you in more detail.

Please feel free to leave me feedback on this article. We are always here to answer any questions we have about any of our posts or specific products and services.

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  1. I agree with your assessment of Blue Host vs. Wealthy Affiliate.  It seems to me that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice for hosting….with so much more.  I don’t know that I would to just promote a web hosting site and get nothing else back.  I believe that Wealthy Affiliate gives you so much more than hosting right?  Like training, web design and other benefits.

    • Thank you for reading my post and for your feedback of Bluest vs Wealthy Affiliate. We did very in-depth study of the two companies prior to writing this post and found there was a tremendous difference in how much more Wealthy Affiliate offered as far as support, pricing and their methods of teaching.


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