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Richard Reichmann Being an affiliate marketer is something that I have enjoyed for more that 20 years. My name is Richard, I go by Rick and I guess you could call me an experienced affiliate marketer. I enjoy everything about the affiliate world (most of the time) and I have been involved in affiliate marketing since 1998 when I got started online selling eBay products

A Bit Of My Story

I’ll explain how I became involved in affiliate marketing. Back in 1998 and up to 2009 I was a real estate investor and would buy one house at a time and rehab it completely put it on the market for a profit and do it again and again. It was absolutely fantastic and the money was rolling in sometime $30,000 profit on a house that we flipped in 4 to 6 weeks.

Oh, but then On December 30, 2008, the Case–Shiller home price index reported its largest price drop in its history. The credit crisis resulting from the bursting of the housing bubble is an important cause of the 2007–2009 recession in the United States.

Now The Problems Started

Huge Mortgage Payments
An empty mortgage application form with house key

Wow there I was sitting with a $250,000 mortgage on a house that was now worth less that half of what We paid for it. I needed to start generating some income and I mean fast. Well I already had some experience selling on eBay which was easy enough to jump back into full time, but the items I was selling were priced to low so the commission were small.

I stumbled upon a real estate pricing software that would tell an investor how much to pay for houses in this recession, back out all the repairs and come up with three different offers to present to the seller. Money being as tight as it was I said to my wife let’s try this affiliate marketing software and see if we can make any money with it.

The Beginning Of My Affiliate Career

We certainly did’t make a killing but II started making a few sales a week which was almost enough to pay my mortgage and never had to touch a product lift a hammer, paint brush o wheelbarrow. This was starting to look pretty sweet, being able to make commissions and never handle a product. It was time to investigate this affiliate thing further.

Affiliate Marketing Success
Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with AFFILIATE MARKETING letters imprinted on metal surface

After a little web searching I found Commission Junction and Clickbank which are two of the largest offering various affiliate offers. Today almost every company offer some sort of Affiliate program from Home Depot, Lowe’s eBay, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and thousands more. At last my wife and I have found a way to earn a passive income without being a slave to the business they way we were as house flippers.

Financially These Are Rough Times For Many People

With the entire country dealing with COVID-19 hundreds of thousands of people are now out of work and looking for a way to make a decent and being confined to the house unless you are in healthcare or another essential business it’s going to be a struggle for many of us for an indefinite period. With affiliate marketing you are creating a passive income so when you are able to go back to work the passive income continues.

I’m in my early 80s as of this writing and I see seniors all around me struggling to make ends meet and wonder if they should pay a bill or buy their medication this month. Affiliate Marketing have age limits and at my age I very much enjoy the passive income I’ve created from Affiliate Marketing.

My Ultimate Goal For This Website

The Goal Is SuccessIs to help others to reach any level of success they desire as an Affiliate Marketer. Yes this does take some work as there really is no free lunch, but if you are willing to put for the effort and work at what ever you love to do whether it’s knitting, scuba diving, baked goods, selling Amazon, eBay, Home Depot or Lowe’s products there is an affiliate program out there for you. Can You make money with affiliate marketing? The answer is YES with affiliate programs you can make extra cash or even a full time income from home.

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate you can register here to create your FREE Starter Membership. This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people just like yourself.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more that happy to help you out.

All the best,

Richard Reichmann


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  1. Is it to a person’s advantage to also be an affiliate with WA and advertise them along with their one niche and website ? I am currently unemployed and never done anything like this before. So I would be coming in as green as a rookie can be

      • Hi Nicholas,

        Thank you for reading my post and taking time to leave may your feedback.
        To answer you question, this website returns me four figures monthly.
        If you have any additional questions feel free to hit me up.

        Have a fantastic day,


  2. Hello Rick, My name is Preston, and I’m 64 years young. 😉 It’s great to meet you! My situation is unique in that I’m already a member of wealthyaffiliate.com. I’m also training as a copywriter. I hope to eventually Affiliate Market part-time and copy write part-time for other website clients. These two skills overlap as they reinforce each other in business. I’m in the early stages of my training in both affiliate marketing and copywriting. I have a plan for getting coached with my copywriting. I now would love to develop a plan for getting coached in my affiliate marketing. I’m open to a reasonable and affordable payment arrangement through PayPal for your coaching. I don’t as yet have my website up and running. I’m hoping, with your tutoring, through wealthyaffiliate.com, to build my WordPress site. I’m sure there is a way to work with you to create a website through WA that we can both monitor the success of. I would prefer to pay you a percentage of my profits from the website you coach me into. My main goal here is to learn Affiliate Marketing skills along with developing my copy writing skills. This is doable! Please consider this offer as it could lead to more training options for you later on and who knows, maybe we could work together in some capacity going forward? Rick, I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for your time, Preston

    • Hi Preston,

      There is no need to pay me to help you. Our entire community is here for you
      to draw from. We will all help ups get up and running.


  3. Nicely done Richard, I love your site. It’s well organized with lots of interesting
    content. You’ve done WA proud.
    Melanie from WA

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thank for reading my post and taking additional time to leave me your valuable feedback about What Is The Best Wine Club? Wine clubs have become very popular during the pandemic since more people are staying at home. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

      Have a wonderful day.



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